Colloids are the second smallest unit, right after the atom. The colloids we produce, consist of roughly 10 atoms, so they are operating within the nano range.

Our colloidally metals are produced with the high-voltage procedure, which assures a smaller seize of the colloids and a much higher possible concentration, in comparison to the conventional low-voltage procedure.  

In the high-voltage procedure, we generate a voltage of 8.000 – 10.000 volt and create an electric arc of light. This produces such high temperatures, that the specific metal turns from solid into liquid and then immediately into gaseous condition. Since this whole procedure is implemented underwater, which is swirled by a megnetic stirrer, the fine particles of the gas cloud are distributing nicely in the water. Because of the Brownian motion, the particles stay well distributed and the result is a first quality colloidal product.

For the production of our colloidal products, we are only using ultrapure precious metals with a purity of 999.9/1000. Furthermore, we are only using ultrapure water, which has been completely demineralised and distilled 2 times. This purified water has an extremely low conductance of < 0,2 µS/cm , which makes it perfectly suitable for the production of colloidal metals.

Light, as well as electromagnetic radiation, reduce the effect of the Brownian motion, which results in a loss of efficiency.

Since we are bottling all our colloidal products in violet glass as standard, they are perfectly protected from light. Nevertheless, they should be kept away from electromagnetic fields, which are produced by kitchenwares (microwaves, freezers ...) , sockets, cellphones etc. .


Legal notice:

For legal reasons, we are only allowed to supply our colloidal products for technical purposes. We ask for your understanding!