In the broadest sense, minerals and trace elements are the different atoms of which the whole structure of your body is made of. The human body consists of 60-70% water, which means hydrogen and oxygen, further 20-30% of carbon and nitrogen.

The remaining 4-5% are the minerals and trace elements. This is the lowest overall, but these 4-5% are controlling all important regulation mechanisms and metabolism processes in your body.

Among other things, minerals and trace elements are operating as co-factors, by operating at least 3000 different enzymes, which are very necessary for every biochemical reaction in the body. The modern medicine identified only roughly 10% of all active enzymes.

A zinc atom for example, as a catalytically active mineral, is able to operate at least 300 different enzymes and it is implying that all the other catalytically active metals in your body, are also operating an equal or even higher amount of enzymes. Without the catalytically active mineral or trace element, which operates as co-factor,the relevant enzyme is not able to become activated.

Because of this, it is very essential to supply your body with every single mineral and trace element, which is needed.

Did you know, that even rare trace elements like lithium, vanadium and gold are needed for biochemical processes in your body?

In general, the more precious a metal is, the higher it’s catalytically activity.

Silver, for example, is a million times higher catalytically active than mercury. Gold is a billion times more catalytically active than mercury.

All things considered, your body consists of more than 70 minerals and trace elements. Consequently it could be a major challenge to regularly supply your body with all the necessary minerals and trace elements. So a focused food supplement should be a very reasonable consideration for you.